Policy Division

Structure of  Policy Division


Responsibilities of  Policy Division

  1. Being secretariat of the Department for study, synthesis, analysis socio-economic and market situations and trends, affecting the development of agriculture, forestry and rural development, to present to the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in issuing policies or measures for short, medium and long-term solutions;
  2. Carry out study, create and improve the prioritized policies of the sector in cooperation with relevant stakeholders in contributing to the development of agriculture, forestry and rural development;
  3. Compile and manage the database system and the socio-economic, market, policy and legislation data sources that serve for synthesis, analysis, conditions and trends affecting the development of agriculture, forestry and rural development;
  4. Carry out monitoring, follow up and evaluation of the implementation of policy and legislation to ensure the alongside with the required direction, as well as exchanging lessons learned;
  5. Being the focal point for collaboration with the Department of Planning and Finance, Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development Research Institute and related technical Departments to transform the strategy of the sector into specific policies such as 13 policies for rice and cash crops, 8 policies for livestock and aquaculture and 8 policies for forest resources in accordance with the government investment plan;
  6. Coordinate with other departments, institutes and centers belonging to the Ministry to monitor, inspect and analyse the good pints and week points to propose the higher levels for the improvement and amendments in accordance with reality;
  7. Perform other duties as assigned by the higher levels.

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