FAO Partnership with LAO PDR

FAO commenced operations in LAO PDR in 1975, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as the principal counterpart agency of the Government of Lao PDR. Among other things, FAO has played an important role in transferring modern knowledge and technology to the country, supporting Lao PDR policy development and strategic planning process, support in the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity and malnutrition, supporting relief and recovery efforts from a number of disasters, and other ways.

Priority Outcomes of FAO Country Programme for Lao PDR during period 2016-2021 and associated lists of recent and on-going projects can be found at : http://www.fao.org/laos/programmes-and-projects/project-list/en/

Important areas prioritized for FAO’s continuing and future assistance

  • Climate change adaptation and resilience building: Government of Lao PDR is looking for a long-term partnership with FAO on adaptation and building resilience to climate change effects especially for the small and subsistence farmers.
  • An important area being explored is to support research in crop varieties, crop combinations, cropping systems and water use and management systems that can be adapted to the changed timing and length of the rainy season, as well as to the commercialization, nutritional and other needs of farmers and producers and consumers.
  • Emergency response and disaster risk management: Further support is needed on the rehabilitation of affected farmers due to the flash floods and dam burst in 2018, and also in building long term capacities for emergency response and disaster risk management.
  • Commercialized commodity production and value chain development: Lao PDR is at the centre of a very large regional market of ASEAN for food commodities and processed food, and also has a growing middle class. The country would like work more with FAO to build strong value chains with strong food safety, certification and other features so that Laotian producers can better supply the growing and more selective domestic demand and access regional as well as the global markets.
  • Policy, planning and statistics information: Collaboration with FAO in this area includes:
  • Support to MAF in the timely, relevant and efficient conducting the forthcoming Agriculture Census in the country.
  • Support to building of structures, systems and capacities for policy development, with recent focus on launching and establishment Department of Policy and Legal Affairs, and direct support to a number of policy initiative such Seed Policy of Lao PDR.
  • Promotion Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture as a vehicle for enhancing the mechanisms for balancing the needs of agricultural commodity production with the imperatives of food security and nutrition, and improving the nutritional status of the country.

On-going FAO support to Department of Policy and Legal Affairs

Project: TCP/LAO/3605 – Support for Establishment of the Centre for Agricultural Economics and Markets (CAEM) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Objective: Improved and evidence-based decision making among public sector, private sectors, civil society, and other stakeholders regarding the planning and implementation of development programme and investment and other activities in the food and agriculture sectors.

Implementation period: 01 Oct 2016 – 31 Aug 2018

Grant amount: 299,000 USD