New innovations into production and processing

Innovation Lists that be collect 




Provinces Data


Total innovation lists



Central innovation list (from other departments and institutes)  

Total innovation lists

1 Xiengkhuang (Ξ PDF file) 8 1 DoA (Ξ PDF file) 12
2 Oudomxay (Ξ PDF file) 16 2 NAFRI (Ξ PDF file) 5
3 Khammuan (Ξ PDF file) 10 3 DOPF (Ξ PDF file) 1
4 Bokeo (Ξ PDF file) 3 4 Huayxon-Huaysuar Center (Ξ PDF file) 9
5 Savanhnaket (Ξ PDF file) 12 5 FES, NUoL (Ξ PDF file) 6
6 Salavan (Ξ PDF file) 21 6 DoF (Ξ PDF file) 2
7 Vientiane Pro. (Ξ PDF file) 18 7 DRDC (Ξ PDF file) 15
8 Vientiane Capital (Ξ PDF file) 11 8 DALaM (Ξ PDF file) 11
9 Xaiyabouly (Ξ PDF file) 8 9 DOI (Irrigation) (Ξ PDF file) 10
10 Luangnumtha (Ξ PDF file) 15 10 Lao-Korean Rural Development Training Centre (Ξ PDF file) 11
11 LuangPhabang (Ξ PDF file) 19 11 DTEAP (Ξ PDF file) 11
12 Phongsaly (Ξ PDF file) 7 12 FOA, NUoL (Ξ PDF file) 13
13 Champasack (Ξ PDF File) 19

Total list:


Total list:


Date: 19/08/2019

ດາວໂຫຼດບົດລາຍງານ / Final report of innovation list activities – August 2019.


Innovation means:

Ø  Innovation means ‘different as usual thing,

Ø  story, behaviour, or practice’. In other words, “what is out of the ordinary in the ways farming is practice in the area?”

Are there some especially dynamic or inventive practices, as regards either field practice, organisational momentum, value chain integrating, partnerships with different stakeholders…?

Ø  Innovation means something efficient and operational, something that works.

In Lao PDR, that means combining 4 features:

A well-structured group + A specific targeted production + Some motivated members not necessary the official leader) that can drive the dynamic + most of members are motivated by a same and clear idea about where they want to go


Analysis from the 2019 Data Collection by cooperation DoPLA and CDAIS project



(Run analysis by: Mr. Yann D’aquino, CDAIS Project expert)