Mandate of DoPLA

DOPLA has the mandate of a secretariat agency that is responsible to study and synthesize socio-economic and market issue on behalf of the Government, and to act as the focal point for the identification, development and preparation of sector policies and strategies as well as laws and legislation in line with the National Socio-Economic Development Plan as set out for relevant periods.

Main Duties

Study and convert the Party directives and the strategies of the agriculture and forestry sector into specific programs and projects as well as manage and implement them to achieve positive results;

Study, analyze and synthesize the status and trend of socio-economic, marketing, and other relevant issues as references for the formulation of the policy and legislation of the sector;

Review and convert strategic plans and policies and results of the scientific research and technology development in the sector into laws and sub-ordinate legislations in collaboration with relevant stakeholders;

Prepare and present the agenda for enactment and amendment of laws to the Government, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly to be included in the five-year and annual plans of the National Assembly;

Monitor, assess and verify the implementation of policy, legislation and the results of scientific research  and technological innovation in the agriculture and forestry sector;

Coordinate and cooperate with relevant domestic and international organisations.