FAO Partnership with LAO PDR

FAO commenced operations in LAO PDR in 1975, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as the principal counterpart agency of the Government of Lao PDR. Among other things, FAO has played an important role in transferring modern knowledge and technology to the country, supporting Lao PDR policy development and strategic planning process, support in the alleviation of poverty and food insecurity and malnutrition, supporting relief and recovery efforts from a number of disasters, and other ways.

Priority Outcomes of FAO Country Programme for Lao PDR during period 2016-2021 and associated lists of recent and on-going projects can be found at :




Capacity Development for Agricultural Innovation Systems (CDAIS) is a project funded by the European Commission and jointly implemented by national organizations (NAFRI in Lao PDR) with the technical assistance of AGRINATURA (CIRAD in Lao PDR) and FAO. The project is developing since 2016 a shared approach in eight pilot countries, with the objective of letting agricultural innovations merge and develop. Implementation focus on three levels of stakeholders (local actors of innovations, organizations supporting local actors, and country enabling environment).

During the 2018 and 2019 DOPLA and CADAIS has been implementing the following activities:

  • Coordinate and shared commitment between different national organizations on supporting agricultural innovations
  • Update agriculture innovations list in Lao PDR
  • Update innovation support services (ISS) in Lao PDR
  • Update stock-taking policies supporting innovations in Lao PDR
  • Update shared analyses on conditions, strengths, and constraints for agricultural innovation in Lao PDR


The Lao Upland Rural Advisory Service (LURAS) project is supporting farmer organisations as a means for improving collective action and the bargaining power of smallholder to enable them to engage in commercial markets. Secondary beneficiaries of the project are government organisations, private sectors, and civil society organisations who provide services to smallholder farmers. The LURAS project is funded by SDC and implemented by Helvetas (lead implementer) and SNV.

LURAS has been implementing activities with DOPLA from 2018-2019 as below:

  1. Study on the implementation of agro-ecological farming – a case of Thathome District (Xaysomboun Province) in comparison with Kham District (Xiengkhoung Province),
  2. Study on farm labour in agriculture sector,
  3. Legal supports for scaling-up innovations or green extension,
  4. Capacity buildings.